ECC Expo 2017

ECC Expo 2017 Info And Pre Party

ECC Expo 2017 is going to be held in Ontario California on August 25-27. ECC Expo 2017 is the 5th convention that ECC has put on, and this year it is back at the Ontario Convention center. ECC Expo 2017 is expected to very large this year, with many companies exhibiting and many customers, as well as business owners attending this convention. The first day of ECC Expo 2017 Ontario is business to business, with the next two days following, business to consumers. There are always new products being released, and new things coming out that you can be the first to preview. All the top names in the industry will be at ECC Expo 2017 including but not limited to Limitless Mod Co, Ply Rock, Asher Dynamics, Wake Vape Co., Synthetic Cloud, Bruce Pro Innovations, Kilo eliquid, all the top eliquid brands, and many more! Limitless Mod Co. will have some new products that we will be releasing at ECC Expo 2017 vape convention at Ontario California. Limitless Mod co. will not only be releasing some new exciting products, but we will also have our flagship products available at great show special prices.

ECC Expo 2017 Ontario

ECC Expo 2017 Pre Party

With the excitement building around ECC Expo 2017 vape convention, and the release of new products from Limitless Mod Co., we will be sponsoring an ECC pre party. The ECC pre party will be held at E-Cig City 4 Riverside in beautiful Southern California. This ECC Expo 2017 pre party will also showcase the release of  some new products from Limitless Mod co. This ECC Expo 2017 pre party will also have some prizes that customers can win, as well as great specials for customers to purchase products. The ECC pre party will be sponsored by the top names in the vape industry including LMC, Ply Rock, Asher Dynamics, Bruce Pro Innovations, and Kilo. This is predicted to be a huge ECC Expo 2017 pre party, with live music, food, and special guest like the top tricksters in the vape industry. This is one event that you do not want to miss. So make sure to check out the ECC Expo 2017 pre party at E-Cig City and come down and pick up some new vape products, meet the top people in the vapor industry, and get ready for ECC Expo 2017 Ontario Ca. Make sure to come out to the electronic cigarette convention ( ECC Expo 2017) and visit the Limitless Team, as well as the founder of Council Of Vapor (C.O.V.) Thomas Li who is now the founder of Asher Dynamics and Ply Rock. When you come to our booth at ECC Expo 2017 you can also meet the team members of Wake Vape Co. – the former founders of Dot Mod James Clelland. This will be a huge event that you will want to attend, as well as the ECC pre party at E Cig City Riverside!

ECC Expo 2017 Ontario

ECC Expo 2017 Vape Convention Ontario California 

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